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Qinhuangdao Zhongyan Machinery Co.,Ltd, founded in 2013, has long been committed to the research and development, design, production and sales of belt conveyor and their accessories.

Main products include conveyor roller, conveyor pulley and roller brackets, etc.


The factory is located in Yanshan county, Hebei province, which is next to Tianjin Port. Traffic is very developed and it only takes 2 hours to reach the loading port Xingang, Tianjin.


The company undertakes domestic and international order business. The company has 11 years of export experience and have advanced level domestic and abroad. Roller technical parameters(drum dust proof, waterproof effect, rotary resistance, radial runout, axial drifting, work life), are all in line with and higher than the national standards. The production process of the drums introduces advanced foreign technology and has created a number of domestic advanced technical indicators in terms of machine performance. Science cooperation with foreign customers, joint research and development, to absorb the international level of roller series production process, technology and experience, and developed a series of high-quality new products, to promote the design, manufacture, quality testing of our roller products specialized, with an annual capacity of 600,000 idlers.


The companys main products are: TK75, DTII, DTIIA conveyor and national standard and model of rollers, conveyor pulley and other conveyor accessories. Our company can also be customized according to customer drawing or requirements.

The products are widely used in thermal power plants, coal mines, ports, docks, quarries, chemical plants, grain, cement plants and various bulk material conveying equipment.


Customer First,Focus on Service. Honesty Based,Build Mutual Win is our operation principle.

We sincerely hope to cooperate with you.


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