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Internal Epoxy External PE Coated Steel Pipe

2019-03-28 14:36:32


 Introduction of Plastic Coated Steel Pipe

Plastic coated composite steel pipe is a kind of green environmental protection pipe with welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe as the base material, and epoxy resin or polyethylene powder coated on the inner and outer walls.Which is widely used in transportation of kinds of fluids and fuel gas.

This product has several advantages as follows.

1. The steel degree and strength of traditional metal pipes are retained, far superior to plastic pipes and aluminum-plastic pipes;

2, with smooth inner wall, small friction resistance and no scaling, the outer wall is more beautiful and luxurious;

3, light weight, good toughness, impact resistance, high pressure resistance, corrosion resistance;Wider applicable temperature -30 ℃ ~ 100 ℃;

4. The connection with the pipe fitting can be made by hinged wire, socket, flange, groove, welding, etc., saving time and labor;

5. Small difference in thermal expansion coefficient with pipe fitting connection parts, more safe and reliable;

6. Reasonable price performance ratio, low comprehensive cost, more economical than copper pipe and stainless steel pipe.

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