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Anti-Corrosion Plastic Coated Pipe

2019-03-28 15:49:12


Plastic Coated Steel Pipe for Minging

Plastic coated steel pipe for mining, is a special gas pipeline. It can transport any gas, including natural gas, biogas,coal gas, etc., is a multi-functional pipeline.

Product Features

Plastic coated steel pipe for mining is a kind of composite pipe which after fabrication processing of ordinary steel pipe,a special polyethylene material will be painted on internal and external of the steel pipe.

This product has the following characteristics

(1) flame retardant and antistatic

The product adopts mine polyethylene coating, and its antistatic and flame retardant components are evenly distributed on the surface and inner layer of the pipe, which conforms to the requirements of MT181 and is suitable for the inflammable and explosive special places under the mine.

(2) strong adhesion

After the inner and outer surfaces of the plastic coated steel tube are painted, bonded and curing, the adhesion is 30N/10mm, which is impacted and torn by the falling hammer without damage.

(3) corrosion resistance, not easy to scale, small fluid resistance

The pipe has strong acid and alkaline resistance and corrosion resistance, which is suitable for the high-sulfur water and the water containing calcium and magnesium ion water in the underground coal mine.Due to its high surface finish, small fluid resistance, not adhere to scale, secondary pollution can be reduced.

(4) high pressure

Polyethylene powder coating has good toughness, steel pipe owns high mechanical strength,which has a strong bearing capacity for impact,bending and othen external impact.


The coated composite pipe is a common pipe material in the underground of coal mine. It can be used for water supply and drainage, positive pressure ventilation, negative pressure ventilation, gunite and gas drainage, etc. It shall not be used for other purposes, and the pressure shall not exceed the nominal pressure.

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