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Plastic Coated Drainage Pipe

2019-04-03 18:30:39



Water supply and drainage plastic coated steel pipe is a new composite pipe. this composite pipe integrated the advantages of various pipelines, hardness of steel pipe, and wear resistance, corrosion resistance, small coefficient of friction and other advantages of plastic pipe, which is a very cost saving and eco-friendly pipe.It is widely used in industrial water supply and drainage, domestic water supply and drainage, sea water treatment, hvac circulating water and chemical fluid transportation,etc.It is known as the "quality green building materials".

Technical specifications

Type of pipe: Internal and External Plastic coated

Coating material: epoxy resin, polyethylene

Coating colors: red, white, blue and gray (colors can be selected according to customer requirements)

Processing technology: hot dip, high - voltage electrostatic spraying

Pipeline specification: dn15-dn2200 (maximum machinable to 3200)

Execution standard :CJ/ T120-2008 water coating composite steel pipe

Safety performance: all meet GB/T17219 standard

Impact strength: 55kg

Connection: clamps, flanges and thread buckles can be embedded by bimetal welding or non-damaging connection

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